The Boros Collection presents the series TALKS. These TALKS comprise discussions, lectures and interviews with artists and art experts.

Yngve Holen
Yngve Holen works with industrially manufactured objects of the contemporary world. While using elements of cars, border fences or MRI-scanners, he reveals the power relations and hierarchies behind the goods: We are what we produce. Isolated from the actual context of use and without reference to the human, the purposive nature of the things selected by him becomes all the more obvious. In TALK with the Boros Collection Yngve Holen explains his working practice and the absurdity of a belief in the goods of our time.



Politics of Space in the works of Awst & Walther
The works of German-Welsh artists Awst & Walther are characterized by a profound perception of space. The recent produced works of Awst & Walther can be discussed in reference to the current debates about the Anthropocene and the human as the main earth-shaping factor. TALK # 3 ist hosted by Prof. Dr. med. Bernd Scherer and deals with questions of spatial and landscape concepts in the works of the artists.

About Ai Weiwei
In Germany Ai Weiwei is perhaps the most famous Chinese citizen. In no other European country is so much written and spoken about the artist as with us. He brakes museum visitor records, but at the same time receives strong criticism. Is Ai Weiwei a great political artist, or rather a projection screen for Western media who want to confirm their prejudices about a repressive China? In TALKS # 2 Chinese art expert Kerstin Knote talks about these contradictions and Ai Weiwei's role in contemporary art.

100 Years of the Readymade
It is 100 years ago since Marcel Duchamp created his works known as „readymades“. His question was: Can one do works that are not "art"? „Until today the readymade concept is an important factor of artistic production. But how could the readymade keep its relevance for more than 100 years? What is the fascination for the everyday object until today? And what is a readymade in the digital age? Dr. Thomas Girst hosted TALKS # 1 with artists Michael Sailstorfer and Olaf Nicolai.